A Bible-based, non-denominational, multi-cultural local church with a global mission. It is a Christ-centered church that strives to follow the biblical principles and ministers to people of all ages, regardless of nationality or language.

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God’s timing will never diminish your blessings.

Isaiah 60:22- I the Lord will hasten it in its time. Isaiah 60 is a chapter of great hope. While Israelite's were still in captivity, they were hated and despised by all the nations around them. But God promises to make them an eternal excellency and that too at the right time. We as Christians…

A refuge under HIS wings.

Psalm 91:4 – … And under his wings you shall take refuge. A human cannot guarantee their life even under so much of surveillance. As God’s children, we are prone to be the targets for the attacks of Satan. May it be physical, emotional, spiritual, financial or health. God reminds us today, about the most…

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