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A Bible-based, non-denominational, multi-cultural local church with a global mission. It is a Christ-centered church that strives to follow the biblical principles and ministers to people of all ages, regardless of nationality or language.

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I will perform that good thing which I have promised… -Jeremiah 33:14   Summary of Jeremiah chapter 33: This chapter is a continuation of prophecies of spiritual blessings on the church of Christ in Gospel times, of which the return of the Jews from captivity, and the benefits following on that, were types. The place where…


We have been planted together in the likeness of his death… also…resurrection. -Romans 6:5  Summary of Romans chapter 6: 1.    We must not abuse the boundless goodness of God by continuing in sin, under the wicked persuasion that the more we sin the more the grace of God will abound, Romans 6:1. 2.     For, having…

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