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Today many people claim to be Christians. In fact, a 1986 Gallup Survey revealed that ninety-four percent of adult Americans believe in God, and that seventy-six percent believe that Jesus is either God or the Son of God. Furthermore, when the question was asked, “Would you describe yourself as a ‘born again’ Christian or not?” thirty-three per cent said yes.

How do we know if we are saved? How can we tell the difference between a genuine Christian and one who merely professes to know Christ? How to have the assurance of salvation?

John’s letters were written for that very purpose.

Come, Experience and Equip.

Sunday Worship Service – Online

We meet every Sunday for Worship Service that lasts for 2 hours, typically from 10:30am to 12:30pm. We have a wonderful time of worship in which the congregation worships the Lord in spirit and in truth. Sermon follows the worship time, and prepares us to take part in the communion every week.