Special Crown of Life

          I will give you the crown of life. Rev. 2:10
This is a conditional promise given to the church in Smyrna. Jesus warns them of their future suffering and persecution by the devil, but also challenges them to be faithful until death to have a special crown of life.
Jesus never promises us a life without trials or tribulations. Because of our faith, we may undergo pain and suffering in this world. God uses suffering to purify us and to make us more like him. We are to be courageous, not fearful, and be faithful to Him until death to also receive a crown of life which is the best reward a believer can ever receive. Even though we might not have treasures on earth, we’re gathering up treasures in heaven by our faithful life!
Prayer: Loving Heavenly Father, we know we’re not alone in our suffering. Thank you for giving us the hope that we will see you face-to-face one day, and enjoy eternal life in heaven.