I am safe from my enemies!

I call upon the Lord, who is worthy to be praised, and I am saved from my enemies.”  Psalms 18:3 
We all need help at some point of our time. We call for help from those who we think knows better than us. Here the Psalmist knows that his only hope is his Lord almighty who knows it all and controls the whole world. The Psalmist has full confidence that only one who he believes can save him. The confidence shown in this verse is resonating his past experiences. He is praying for fresh mercies, further appearances of the Lord, discoveries of His grace and favor; for the perfections of His nature, the works of His hands, His providential goodness, and more especially for His covenant grace and blessings in Christ. 
We must acknowledge who we are, how much we know and what we have done or accomplished so far. We must accept that with our knowledge, understanding, or experience we can’t achieve our eternal destiny and can’t defeat our ultimate enemy, who is always ready to bring us on our knees and defeat us. So today when we start our day meditate on this verse every single time you see a challenge. Let your spirit grow in faith, and trust that in Him we can defeat anything that comes against us.