Propitiation for our sins !!!

…He himself is the propitiation for our sins..

1 John 2:2

Propitiation, a word so familiar to us Christians yet, so less understood. This word has a two-part meaning, 1- to pacify the wrath, 2- reconcile with the offended. Usually, propitiation would be initiated by the offender (Sinner). But, God who loved us first  ( 1 John 4:10) initiated and provided Christ to be the propitiation for us and all the world. We see that God has initiated the transaction and nothing of our effort is needed or sufficient. It is totally His grace and mercy. What a great transaction by which you and I benefit completely. This is only for people who accept Christ as a Savior for their sins. 

John is reminding us of our relationship (children, according to verse 1), he is exhorting us not to Sin. May this great act of Christ compel us to live a holy life depending each day on our righteous advocate, Lord Jesus Christ.