The LORD has chosen Zion, He has desired it for His dwelling. Psalm 132:13

Walk with understanding

You should no longer walk as the rest of the Gentiles walk in the futility of their mind – Ephesians 4:17

Paul is talking about the new life that we have in Christ. Scripture says the whole world is under power of evil one (Darkness) – 1 John 5:19. Paul in his writing to Ephesians affirms that the people of the world are darkened in their understanding and have alienated from the life of God because of the ignorance that is in them due to the hardness of their hearts.

The worldly people are like dry leaves tossed by the wind. They go after sorcerers, astrologers, palm readers because their minds are darkened. They rely on their own understanding and self – confidence. Like the unbelieving people, we should not lead a life driven by flesh but instead should depend on the Holy Spirit for guidance.

We should be God- confidence meaning relying on the power of God. Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the LORD our God. They are brought to their knees and fall, but we rise up and stand firm – Psalms 20:7-8.

Prayer: Father God, help us not to lean on my own understanding but to rely on your mighty power. In Jesus name I pray – Amen !!!

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