The Lord Reigns

The LORD reigns forever and ever. Exodus 15:18

This verse is part of the first song recorded in the Bible after the people of Israel were redeemed from bondage. The book of Exodus began with sighing (Exodus 2:23), but because of redemption, we now see the nation singing. Note that this song exalts God, for the Lord is referred at least forty-five times in these eighteen verses. Too many songs exalt men instead of the Person and holy character of God and His wonderful works of power.

With their enemies drowned and their freedom secure, the people of Israel burst into song and praised the Lord. We don’t read that they praised God while they were enslaved in Egypt, and while on their journey they were complaining to Moses.

The song ends with the verse "the Lord reigns forever and ever". This should encourage us to worship God, in spite of our unfavorable circumstances. When we live with an understanding that the LORD is in control, He reigns and has authority then, a huge burden, tension and anxiety should roll away from us. Christians ought to worship the Lord in all circumstances, good times, bad times. But it takes maturity for God’s people to have a “song in the night” (during bad times) (Job 35:10; Ps. 42:8), and the Israelites are not the best example for their faith at that time.

Thank the Lord for taking the job of reigning this world and beyond. Help me to live in that understanding and help me to be a worshipper and not be a worrier.