Necessary vs compulsory

Zion Calendar verse

I pray that out of the glorious riches, He may strengthen you. Eph 3:16

Most of our prayers are self-centered. They are always revolving around, “me & my family”. Can we go back and check as to, when was the last time that we sincerely & earnestly prayed for somebody else? Or when was the last time that we have completed a prayer without a mention of “me and my family”?

We see Paul’s prayer here and it clearly shows us that “He is praying for others”. And if you see the content of the prayer, it is not for material and physical needs but for spiritual needs. “So that they may be strong”.

Physical needs are necessary but spiritual needs are compulsory.

May we spend the entire today without mentioning about us or anything about physical, materialistic blessings for others.

Maybe its time to spend one day in a week for only spiritual well being of us and others.

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