India Vs New Zealand

Zion Calendar Verse 

For we walk by faith, not by sight. 2 Cor 5:7

A new stand of 8000 capacity was setup at the cricket stadium in Manchester for the Cricket World Cup 2019. And for all the matches India played, it was full. The stand looked like a blue carpet spread across it.

Yesterday’s match had all these 8000 seats packed at the start of the day. And as you might know, India was in doll drums losing 4 wickets in the first 10 overs and another 3 without scoring to the required run rate. Most of the spectators started leaving, the stands began to get empty.

The reason being that these spectators lost faith in the players. They were looking at the remaining batsman and said it was only 2 more recognized batsman and the asking rate is almost 9 an over.

But the faithful (in millions) were stuck to their seats in the ground and at their homes thousands of miles away from England. They had faith in the capability of the remaining players and were hoping that India would win the match. But it was not to be so.   

Do we have the same kind of faith in God? Do we wait till the last ball is bowled in our Christian life? We get frustrated, irritated, discouraged, disappointed, angry very soon in our Christian walk. All the cricket players are mortals like we are. They can fail. 

But God cannot, will not, does not fail. 

Whatever we are going thru this day, let us have faith in GOD. Be rest assured, He will not let us down.