Permanent Joy


…your grief will be turned into joy. John 16:20


Jesus in his farewell discourse told disciples things that did not make sense to them, including that persecution was coming and that He would be departing from among them. He would no longer be physically present among His people, though He would be with them spiritually. They have not understood how Jesus can be seen again by them if He goes to the Father.


Today’s passage records disciples’ grief and how Jesus assures them that their sorrow will be turned into joy. They would lament and weep for a time, but then they would be joyful. This is because while Jesus would leave them temporarily in His death, He would be restored to them in His resurrection. They would see Him again and experience joy that no one would take away. Jesus did not mean that they would never experience sorrow again. His point was that they would have an abiding joy knowing Jesus had conquered death and hell. This applies to us as well that we can endure every trial knowing we will live eternally in the new heavens and earth.