How great is our God!


Whatever He says to you, do it. John 2:5


Jesus’ mother Mary brings a concern to Jesus saying there is shortage of wine in the wedding. She tells Him the problem and tells servants to follow His lead. This is the first miracle Jesus performed and not knowing what to expect, Mary trusted that Jesus can resolve her problems. Mary trusted God’s plans just like when Jesus was conceived even when she did not know all the details.


When we do what Jesus tells us to do, we get to see God’s glory even if we do not understand. This story is about a wedding with a problem of wine shortage. However, it is about Jesus doing greater things than we can even imagine. The servants did not hesitate to do whatever Jesus told them, even before they poured water into jars and drew out the finest wine. There is faith which is work of the Holy Spirit that made a difference. There is a song, water you turned into wine…how great is our God! Let us do what God tells us.