Exceeding Joy

…I am exceeding joyful in all our tribulation.  2 Cor. 7:4
Tribulation of Paul: In Macedonia, Paul found that the Christians were extremely poor. They had also suffered much. Paul chose to work with them and, because of that, he suffered with them. The enemies of the Christians there were fierce. they cruelly attacked him.

What was he joyful about: Titus reached Paul with news from Corinth. Corinth’s Christians had decided to follow Paul’s advice, and more importantly, to obey God. Paul’s joy was without limit. In fact, God was now using Corinth’s Christians to carry out His (God’s) work. God even used them to comfort and to encourage Paul in that difficult situation.

Spiritual Learning: God has created each one of us for a noble purpose for the extension of His kingdom. We ought to recognize His purpose for us and strive to accomplish it to add souls in His kingdom. Then one day we would rejoice with Paul saying I am exceeding joyful.